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Basketball - Engraved Phone Case

Basketball - Engraved Phone Case

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Basketball - Engraved Phone Case
Basketball - Engraved Phone Case
Basketball - Engraved Phone Case
Basketball - Engraved Phone Case
Basketball - Engraved Phone Case
Basketball - Engraved Phone Case

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Basketball - Engraved Phone Case
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25% OFF Basketball - Engraved Phone Case
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As nationwide wooden cellular cases company, we meticulously designed the most preferable, well-protected edges with 26 feet drop-tested, with a unique looking, laser-engraved and wood crafted iPhone & Samsung phone models; our phone cases have been such great visionary in today’s expanding and innovative cellular market.

By saying its unique visual and attention-grabbing specifications, our special High-Tec designed and engineered wooden phone cases have great features of enhancing its quality more than ever.

If we list the features of our wooden phone cases that are;

  • Natural and durable wood surface
  • Enhanced rubber bumper to hold your phone
  • Metal plate inserted to be used with magnet holders
  • SIM card and PIN compartments
  • High-quality polycarbonate unique visual
  • 4 sided shock absorbance bumper
  • 26 feet drop tested
  • High edges for screen protection
  • Easy use and soft buttons
  • Enlarged easy access charging port, headphones, speaker hole
  • Engraved or color printed designs on wood surface
  • Endless design options (800+ currently and increasing
  • Universal cases that fit on multiple smartphones
  • Curved stylish wood edges
  • Variety of wood types among bamboo, cherry, walnut, rose
  • Color coded cases such as natural wood, black, white

At Otto Case, we offer the most protective engraved phone cases made of natural wood that can keep your phone safe at all times. We derive the phone case materials from Bamboo, Cherry, Rosewood, and Walnut to assure maximum strength and durability. Even if you drop your phone accidentally, our phone cases will prevent it from suffering major damages. With increased friction and easy-to-hold surfaces, the chances of dropping the phone are also low.

Many Android Smartphones and of course, Apple iPhones, are quite expensive. Can you let an unfortunate incident make all your years of effort and investment go to waste? Opt for our best protective phone cases to avoid such heartbreaking situations. We launch our phone cases only after passing them through a 26-feet fall test to determine their sturdiness. Hence, you need not worry as long as your phones are protected by our cases.

This phone case is perfect for those who are looking for extra protection for their phone. It is designed to protect your phone from shocks and bumps. It has a four-sided bumper that absorbs shocks and protects your phone from damage. The case is made of a soft material that is comfortable to hold and grip and also help to keeps your screen safe from scratches and cracks.

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