Values our customers and works hard to ensure their complete satisfaction. Before, during and after every sale, we will be there to answer any questions and to provide them with the best experience possible.

We specialize in sourcing the gigfest quality wooden cell phone cases and cell phone accessories for a wide range of cell phone brands and models. Our main goal is to bring a new beautiful natural twist to smartphone cases and accessories.

If you want a wide selection of universal smartphone cases and accessories, friendly customer service and a team of professionals dedicated to your retail needs, choose OTTO CASE today!

Being wholesaler with OTTO has never been easier. OTTO become refistered supplier in major wholesale marketplace FAIRE. Benefits working with OTTO at FAIRE:

  • Otto Case - ArrowFREE to sign up
  • Otto Case - ArrowRisk free wholesale
  • Otto Case - ArrowNET 60 terms on all order for brick and mortar stores.
  • Otto Case - ArrowOne year FREE shipping
  • Otto Case - ArrowLimited time: $100 off your first order when you sign up here

You need to provide following items to us before signing up with FAIRE platform:

  • Otto Case - ArrowResale tax certificate
  • Otto Case - ArrowYour retail location's lease that shows one year in term
  • Otto Case - ArrowLast 3 months business bank statements
  • Once your paperwork is submitted, we will register your account over our link and you will receive an email from FAIRE.


  • Otto Case - ArrowFill out the form below. OTTO wholesale sales Team will get in touch with you.
  • Otto Case - ArrowYou should create an account from the top menu. Click on ACCOUNT and then REGISTER, then fill out the form.
  • Otto Case - ArrowYour account will be marked as wholesale and you will be informed once the process is complete.
  • Otto Case - ArrowThen, you can login and start placing order from the link below.

To reach out our wholesale page to place order, please click here

Wholesale Bulk Phone Cases

We specialize in outsourcing the best quality eco-friendly wholesale wooden cell phone cases in bulk along with other accessories for a wide variety of cell phone models and brands. Our team, at Ottocase, are committed to bringing you uniquely trending phone cases and accessories with a touch of nature to them.

Available Phone Models


  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 5/5S/SE Universal
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 6/6S/7/8 Universal
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 6+ / 6s+ / 7+ / 8+
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 6+/6S+/7+/8+ Universal
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 6 / 6s / 7 / 8 / SE2020
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone XR
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone Xs Max
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 11
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 11 Pro
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 12 Mini
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 12 / 12 Pro
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 12/12 Pro Universal
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Otto Case - Arrowiphone 13
  • Otto Case - Arrowiphone 13 Mini
  • Otto Case - Arrowiphone 13 Pro
  • Otto Case - Arrowiphone 13 Pro Max
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone X / Xs
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone X/Xs Universal


  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung Note 8
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung Note 9
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung Note 10
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung Note 10+
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung Note 20
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung Note 20 Ultra
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung A20/A30 Universal
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung A50
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S7
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S7 Edge
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S8
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S8+
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S9
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S9+
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S10
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S10+
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S10E
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S20
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S20+
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S20 Ultra
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S20 FE
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S21
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S21+
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S21 Ultra
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S22
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S22 Plus
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S22 Ultra


OTTO Cart Concept for Malls

  • Otto Case - ArrowEasy to operate
  • Otto Case - ArrowLow startup cost
  • Laser machine can be integrated into it. You can make cases right to front of customers in minutes
  • Otto Case - ArrowSeveral display options depending on budget. We help you with making display.
  • Otto Case - Arrow2 weeks preparation time.

OTTO Kiosk Concept for Malls

  • Easy to operation requiredOtto Case - Arrow
  • Sustainable business for long periodOtto Case - Arrow
  • Laser and color machine can be integrated into it. You can make cases right in front of customers in minutesOtto Case - Arrow
  • Financing option is available for kiosk display and laser/color machinesOtto Case - Arrow
  • 6 weeks preparation timeOtto Case - Arrow

OTTO Stand Alone Display for Stores

  • Otto Case - ArrowTotal up to 96 cases can be displayed on front and back side
  • Otto Case - ArrowCases come with professional and safe packaging
  • Otto Case - ArrowDedicated hooks for magnet holders. Magnet holder is an upsale along with cases
  • Otto Case - ArrowStand alone display comes free with minimum 36 pieces of case

OTTO Dropship Program for E-Commerce and Retail Stores

  • 1-2 business day handling timeOtto Case - Arrow
  • Full design catalog is available for dropshippingOtto Case - Arrow
  • Custom case is also available for dropshippingOtto Case - Arrow
  • You can simply place order by selecting design for regular cases, uploading photo or designing case for custom casesOtto Case - Arrow
  • Flat shipping fee for domestic and international ordersOtto Case - Arrow
  • 2-5 business days shipping time for domestic ordersOtto Case - Arrow
  • 4-10 business days shipping time for international ordersOtto Case - Arrow

Other than online marketplace wholesaling, any individual can start working with Otto Case as a direct wholesaler. The interested wholesaler is required to fulfill a few steps to avail the opportunity:

  • Otto Case - ArrowHe or she needs to fill up a form provided by Otto Case at their wholesale business page. Otto Case wholesale team professionals will contact the same if the wholesaler is eligible enough.
  • Otto Case - ArrowTo fill up the business form the wholesaler needs to create an account on Otto Case business page by clicking the menu tab on the top of the page and then register the account.
  • Otto Case - ArrowAfter the completion of the registration process, the wholesaler's account will be included in the wholesaler ID and the person will be informed accordingly.
  • Otto Case - ArrowOnce the account becomes legalized by the Otto Case authority, the wholesaler can log in to Otto Case's wholesale page and start ordering for reselling.


(call for pricing)

  • Otto Case - ArrowAlready built, ready to setup OTTO Kiosk Concept
  • Otto Case - Arrow10' x 10' size
  • Otto Case - ArrowFinancing options available



Frequently Asked Questions

  • First, register at our wholesale website.
  • Get your instant access to our wholesale website with wholesale pricing.
  • Then, you can place your order at our website and checkout yourself.
  • If you want special wholesale price, you may contact Otto Case support.

Minimum order value is $300 for the first order to be considered wholesale order with OTTO CASE. For the following orders, minimum order value is reduced down to $100.

Orders up to 1000 pieces are processed within 1-2 business days depending on our order volume. If processing time gets beyond 2 business days, we contact you upon your order and let you know about current situation. For orders more than 1000 pieces, we give you lead time and discuss details with one of our account specialist.

We don’t supply laser/color print machines directly. However, we help you connecting with our own suppliers which we are in very long time relationship so that we can get better deals than market value for you. We also provide training about how to operate machines, how to use our printing materials upon request. Please contact us at our wholesale department for details.

We may have our own refurbished cart/kiosk display fixtures/furniture available at our warehouse. You are welcome to ask about details and even visit our warehouse to see them physically. Beyond that, we don’t provide display fixtures/furniture directly. We help you connecting with our own suppliers which we are in very long time relationship so that we can get better deals than market value for you. If you would like to go with OTTO concept and use our brand name, we discuss details with you and sign Independent Reseller Agreement to operate with OTTO concept.

Yes, we offer dropshipping both for offline/online stores. After your application, we review it and get back to you to learn more about your business and future plans. After your account is activated, you may place orders at our website. For online stores, we can also connect to your Shopify store get orders automatically to our end. In that case, you don’t need to place your orders with us manually. You can contact us for details.

Yes, you can list personalized items at your online store or you can display samples at your retail store for personalized items as well. Once you get a personalized item order, you forward order details to us and we fulfill the order and ship it to your customer or to your store in 1-2 business days.

To be straight, you can easily avail wholesale phone cases from both offline and online platforms. Considering this pandemic, if you are looking for a reliable e-commerce website to buy cell phone cases, Otto Case Wholesale is the first place to hop in. All the products are handmade and manufactured in the USA.

No, not necessarily. If you wish, you can join the Otto dropship program to be a direct wholesaler of ottocase phone covers via your own e-commerce website (if any). The good thing is this dropship program provides the same privilege to the retail store owners as well.

Yes, you can order bulk phone cases wholesale for your business. Otto Case Wholesale is one of the websites most preferred by the phone case retailers.