iPhone X / XS Wood Phone Case

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Sensational update for all the lavish gadget lovers and ecologists! We are really feeling proud to introduce our customers to our newly launched iPhoneX XS models' wooden phone case....


These wooden phone cases are sturdy enough and cent percent breakage proof. So, we guarantee to protect your luxurious delicacies even after they fall from a really high place. Besides unbelievable durability, these phone cases are extraordinarily good looking! The unchanged wooden texture gives the phone cases a classy and royal outlook that propel the style quotient of the phone case brand. So, if you are interested in decorating your hard earned gadget with such a masterpiece, hotfoot it fast before we get out of stock!


Being a globally reputed eCommerce firm, we diligently focus on the wood case designs and customer's custom requirements to make each case uniquely preferable. Besides, the edge durability of the case is ensured following a 26 feet drop-test. The laser-engrave and wood-crafted designs give an exceptional outlook to these phone covers. Our visionary iPhone phone case models in today’s cellular market are catching global attention.

Our products are engineered with hi-tech designs and specifications while ensuring and enhancing the quality of the phone case like never before.


There might be many of you who raised eyebrows at the first thought of purchasing a wooden phone case. But, here is what we, at Ottocase, can assure you:
  • Every case is made of durable wood material
  • The case is designed and engraved with the pattern as per customer preferences and suggestions
  • Color printer or laser engraved customization is available on black, white, and natural wood color surface of the case
  • Facility to engrave messages, images, and more is available
  • Each of our case is customized meticulously to keep it stand out from the rest
We understand that any iPhone owner lives to adorn his/her gadget with an accessory that adds more beauty to its appearance. So, our design and artist team works accordingly to comply with an exceptional product standard and quality. Not just that, we also focus on the trends that keep varying every now and then. So, feel free to share your ideas with our design team, anytime.

Get in touch with Ottocase to know more. Request an online mockup and quote today!


Along with the basic phone cover designs we also take care of our customers' kinky desires to customize their phone covers as per their personal choice. We never compromise with our products' quality and try our level best to keep our commitment to provide exceptionally long-lasting phone cases. We design phone cases for any occasion, any occasion or any purpose! Just express your wish to us and it is our responsibility to deliver your desire to you.


Eco-sustainable purchase is always a good practice, not only towards nature but also for the upcoming generations who await a better ecosystem around. Currently, the consumers are more concerned about reducing the negative environmental impact through their eco-friendly shopping endeavors than ever before. If you are also one of them, join this global flagship program and replace your old plastic iPhoneX XS case with our wooden custom case.

Our expert professionals strongly believe that this is a really innovative idea to avoid plastic, fibres or any other non-biodegradable raw materials for making phone cases. Mother Earth has already enriched us with her enumerable resources. Still we have produced so many artificial things for our own convenience and simultaneously made our resourceful Mother Earth polluted.

So, we have decided to bring back her purity by using her resources to make nature-friendly phone covers that are made of 100% raw woods. It is also a kind of gratitude to nature. These wooden phone cases not only provide your iPhoneX secure from any kind of accident but also make you feel all the calmness of the woods whenever you hold it in your hands.


If you cannot come up with a custom idea for your case, then worry not! We, at Ottocase, have a wide collection of readymade designs, out of which, more than 800 designs are already picked by many of our buyers to customize their phone cases. You will definitely find the one from our inventory that best fits your personality. Our elite group of artists are constantly innovating impulsive patterns and ideas so you can choose a unique cover pattern for your gadget. From inspiring quotes to sensible, passionate images, poetic or spiritual phrases, we have it all and more! If you are a travel enthusiast, then our wanderlust phone case. Explore our design inventory to customize your preference. We are just a call or message away to take your thoughts. Our creative artists squad will cater to bespoke requirements to a T!


  • Shock-absorbing bumpers surrounding the phone case edges
  • Brilliantly designed with durability
  • Rubber bumper for easy holding
  • Stylish polycarbonate outlook
  • SIM and PIN compartments
  • Button moulds are soft and easy to use
  • Easy-access to earphone and charging ports
  • Cases available in natural wood, black and white colors, or with laser-printed designs
  • Exclusively curved wood edges on all four sides


  • Different types of wood including cherry, rose, bamboo, and walnut
  • Rubber bumper for a comfortable, non-slippery hold
  • Metal plates are installed inside the case so that metal holders can be used
  • Enhanced and unique polycarbonate visual


  • Color printed or laser engraved designs on wooden back of the case
  • Myriads of custom designing options (with over 800 patterns being actively used and is still increasing)
  • Universal phone cases to fit similar smartphones of any other brand
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