iPhone 12 Pro Max Wood Case

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Introducing Our Exclusive iPhone 12 Pro Max Wood Case Collection:

Elevate your iPhone 12 Pro Max experience with our stunning range of personalized wooden iPhone 12 pro max cases. Crafted with precision and designed to perfection, these custom phone cases are the epitome of style, uniqueness, and protection....

Premium Wood Aesthetics: Embrace the natural beauty of wood with our exquisite iPhone 12 Pro Max wood case. Each case boasts a unique grain pattern, making your phone a true masterpiece that stands out from the crowd.

Protection Redefined: Style meets substance in our custom wood phone cases. Not only do they look stunning, but they also offer reliable protection against daily wear and tear. Safeguard your investment with a case that's as sturdy as it is stylish.

The Perfect Gift: Searching for a unique and thoughtful gift? Look no further! Our personalized wooden iPhone 12 Pro Max cases make for a memorable present that showcases your attention to detail and care.


Custom Phone Cases form a part of your personality, just like the gadget itself. Our collection of custom wooden cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max can suit every preference and requirement. Made of pure wood, the cases can also help reduce your carbon footprint. As the iPhone 12 Pro Max phone cases are fully customizable with attractive graphics, artwork, logos, initials, or monograms, they add a personal touch to your phone. Composed of shock-absorbing materials, these personalized wooden iPhone 12 Pro Max cases go the extra mile to prevent your phone from fall damages. All the iPhone 12 pro max wood cases in our collection have been through 26-feet drop tests to ensure maximum protection.
Unleash your creativity and enhance your iPhone 12 Pro Max with a wooden case that's truly one-of-a-kind. Shop our collection of personalized cases today and experience the fusion of natural aesthetics and modern technology.
  • Raw material- Real Wood
  • Nature friendly and durable wooden phone cases
  • Three color available (black, white and natural wood colors)
  • Basic and customized products available
  • Wide and large space for insertion of speaker hole, charging port, headphones
  • Curvy and modish case edges
  • SIM cards and PIN compartments
  • Soft buttons for easy use
  • High edged borders keep the iPhone screen protected even after falling down
  • UV laser printed designs or engraving on case backs as per customers' demands
  • The shock-absorbent bumper on all four sides
  • More than 800 wooden designs have been launched successfully all over the world till date
  • Magsafe features available
  • 1 year warranty on each phone case
  • 30 days replacement guarantee without query
  • Free shipping in US on orders above $50
  • Worldwide Free Shipping on Orders Above $99
Elevate your choice with the iPhone 12 Pro Max wood case. Combining natural beauty, personalized engraving, and strong protection, it defines style and safeguards your device. Choose elegance and individuality today.

Answers to Your Questions:

What makes the iPhone 12 Pro Max Wood Case special?

Our iPhone 12 Pro Max Wood Case combines the sophistication of natural wood with personalized engraving options, allowing you to express your individual style while providing reliable device protection.

Are these wood cases exclusively for the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Yes, our wood cases are specifically designed to fit the iPhone 12 Pro Max, ensuring a snug and precise fit while maintaining easy access to all device features.

How does the wooden iPhone 12 pro max case provide protection?

Our wooden iPhone 12 pro max cases are crafted with durability in mind, offering reliable protection against everyday wear and tear. The sturdy construction helps safeguard your iPhone 12 Pro Max from minor bumps and scratches. It is 20 ft drop tested.

Will the iPhone 12 pro max wood case interfere with wireless charging?

Otto Case comes with metal plate inserted as default. It is used to hold with magnet holders in the car, on your desk conveniently. However, metal plate may interfere with your wireless charger. If you want to be on the safe side, you can request us to remove metal plate prior to fulfilling your order.

Is the engraving permanent and durable?

Absolutely, the engraving is done with precision and care, ensuring a permanent and long-lasting design that won't fade or wear off over time.

Are these wood cases Eco-friendly?

Yes, our wood cases are crafted from sustainably sourced wood, making them an environmentally conscious choice.

Can I remove the iPhone 12 pro max wood case easily if needed?

Yes, the iPhone 12 pro max wood case is designed for easy installation and removal, allowing you to switch cases or access your device without any hassle.

Can I choose the type of wood for my wooden iPhone 12 pro max case?

At the moment, we offer a selection of premium woods that have been chosen for their quality and aesthetics. You can choose from the available options during the ordering process.

Can I change the engraving after I've placed my order?

Unfortunately, once an order is placed, changes to the engraving details cannot be made. Please review your engraving information carefully before finalizing your order.

Do the wooden iPhone 12 pro max cases have any warranty?

Yes, our wood cases come with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please refer to our warranty policy for more details.

Can I order an iPhone 12 pro max wood case without personalized engraving?

Absolutely, you have the option to choose a wood case without engraving if you prefer a simpler, classic look.
Have more questions? Feel free to contact our customer support for further assistance.
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