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LaserPecker LP3 - High Precision Metal & Plastic Laser Engraver

LaserPecker LP3 - High Precision Metal & Plastic Laser Engraver

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Metal Engraver: LaserPecker 3 is an optical fiber engraving machine for metal, plastic, and leather. Using a 1064nm pulsed laser, non-destructive engraving, no damage to the material. Gold, silver, copper, plastic, leather, etc. can be engraved.
Ultra-High Precision: 4k precision, perfect picture reproduction. 0,01MM spot, visible details, LaserPecker 3 can help you complete what you what.
Dual Red-Light focus: Say goodbye to cumbersome measurement procedures and double light coincidence to determine the focal length. At the click of a button, you can automatically lift and descend and start carving in the easiest way possible.
Batch engraving: Built-in batch engraving card slot, to achieve batch engraving is not a problem. Use the batch button to sculpt again with each click. Batch production of business cards and customized bookmarks is very convenient, you can open your own studio at home.
No restrictions: unlimited time, place, and angle, just plug in and use. 360° rotation, no need to worry about the angle of engraving, bring a power bank, whether you are traveling or traveling, you can carry it with you.

Process 100+ Materials with LP3

Create Amazing Works On




Industrial Parts

Advanced Compressed Spot Technology

Adopting an industrial-grade laser spot compression technology, LaserPecker LP3 reaches an ultra-fine focal spot of only 0.03 mm, allows for a leap in engraving accuracy.

4K Realistic Details

Realistic engraving quality up to 4K high resolution, clearly restores all tiny details of photos.

0.03 mm Engraving Accuracy

High engraving precision finer than hair, perfectly presenting every subtle detail of the engraved patterns.

Faster Engraving More
Efficient Working

Increase Your Productivity by 250%

Cylinder Engraving
with Versatile Electric Roller

Batch Out Your Projects
with Positioning Base Plate

Easy Twist for
Multi-Angle Engraving