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LaserPecker 1 Pro - The Most User-Friendly Entry-level Laser Engraver

LaserPecker 1 Pro - The Most User-Friendly Entry-level Laser Engraver

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Looking to take your crafting and DIY projects to the next level? Don't miss out on the opportunity to buy the LaserPecker 1 Pro today!

Key Features:

Wide Material Compatibility - Engraves on a wide variety of materials, like Paper-board, Fabric, Wood, Leather, Felt, Plastic, Cloth, Fruit, Reflective Material, and more.

Laser Precision - LaserPecker Pro has a 0.15mm light spot and high quality 405nm blue-violet laser, making accurate precision engraving.

Safe and Certified - LaserPecker Pro keeps you safe with features like automatic shutdown for overheating, a password lock, motion detection, and included goggles. It's certified safe with CE, FCC, FDA, RoHS, CDRH, and IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class 1 & 4). Plus, enjoy peace of mind with 30 days of free replacement parts.

Best DIY Tool - This special Lp1 Pro Laser Engraver can work on almost any surface, including tiny objects. It's perfect for light tasks like DIY projects, crafting, and lightweight creations.

Don't wait any longer. Elevate your creativity and craftsmanship with the Laser Pecker 1 Pro. Buy now and start engraving your dreams into reality!

Engrave Any Pattern on Various Materials

LaserPecker Pro can engrave on various materials such as paperboard, fabric, wood, leather, felt, plastic and more.

More Creative Things

LaserPecker 1 Pro has more creative things to do. It can make your idea and creations to be true and you can engrave anytime anywhere.

Easy to Use and Operate

The laser engraver can be operated easily by LaserPecker App and you can engrave anything you want to realize your creations idea anytime anywhere.

LaserPecker Smart App

The LaserPecker app allows you to create any patterns and words, modify the pictures or photos to engrave, features many picture editing tools.

Auto-focusing Support Stand & Preview Mode

LaserPecker 1 Pro is upgraded with an auto-adjusting support stand that sets up and focuses in seconds.

Users can easily adjust the size, position and the rotation angle of the pattern based on the preview trajectory.

Your Pocket Art Studio

LaserPecker is the most compact and easy-to-use laser engraver of its kind. Just grab it and put in your bag,you can take it anywhere.

Foldable Design

Both the support stand and laser shield of LaserPecker Pro can be carried effortlessly as they all feature a foldable design. When not in use, they fold down flat about the size of a small book and can be easily stored away for travel or storage.

Works With Power Bank

LaserPecker 1 Pro can be powered up by using an adapter or a power bank. It also has a long-time lifespan.

Works With Power Bank

LaserPecker 1 Pro provide 4 types to be chosen freely for customers, which can meet the different customers standards.

Basic Suit Deluxe Super
Laser Engraver 1 pro
USB Cable
Mini Engraving Material Pack
Supporting Tripod
Auto-focus Supporting Stand
4 Pics of Protective Shields
Big Case

Common Customer Questions About Buying the LaserPecker 1 Pro Super Laser Engraver

What comes in the package when I buy the LaserPecker 1 Pro?

Typically, the package includes the Laserpecker 1 Pro Super Laser Engraver, necessary accessories, user manual, and any additional items specified by the seller. Please see the above package details.

Can I choose different engraving types when I buy Laser Pecker 1 Pro?

Laser Pecker 1 Pro offers various engraving options to suit different needs. You can typically choose from different types depending on your preferences.

Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of when using Laser Pecker 1 Pro after purchase?

Yes, it's important to follow safety guidelines provided in the user manual. Always wear appropriate safety goggles, ensure proper ventilation, and keep the machine away from flammable materials.

Is there any special maintenance required after I buy the Laserpecker 1 Pro?

Regular cleaning and maintenance may be necessary to keep the laserpecker l1 pro in optimal working condition. The user manual should provide guidance on maintenance procedures.

Is there a warranty when I buy Laser Pecker 1 Pro?

Yes, when you buy the Laserpecker 1 Pro, it typically comes with a 1-year warranty.

How do I get customer support after I've bought the LP1 Pro Super Laser Engraver?

You can typically reach out to the manufacturer's customer support through their official website or contact information provided with your purchase.

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