Wood – How This Natural Raw Material is Our Biggest Modernization Tool

Wood – How This Natural Raw Material is Our Biggest Modernization Tool

The love for green is evergreen, but people are more inclined to sustainability these days because the environment is showing signs of degradation. Unlike the previous generations, we are more aware of the environmental threats that have a tremendous impact on Mother Earth. Every day, green enthusiasts are finding new ways to reduce such risks and ensure all the natural facilities that we enjoy for the next generations. From promoting organic farming to shunning chemicals and plastics, we all are now keener to save the earth from the ravages of pollution. And, this can be done by changing a few habits and replacing them with sustainable ones.

According to some surveys, nearly 47% of conscious buyers are ready to pay about 25% more for sustainable products these days. Among them, a large section comprises of the Gen-Z population, who are more aware of the benefits of the sustainability movement. They tend to look for natural alternatives to every plastic component, especially commercial products. They also regard plastic as the biggest enemy of Mother Nature, as well as humankind. Some of the plastic, commercial products are already getting replaced by natural ones. Wood is one such natural raw material that is gaining prominence in the new world. Because of its abundance and easy availability, people are turning to wood products instead of plastic ones. Various stylish alternatives of commercial substances are being carved on wood, making it a desirable modernization tool.


From furniture to accessories, wood can be used everywhere. It is needless to say that wood furniture is one of the costliest pieces of furniture in the market, especially timber and other rare varieties. It is highly fashionable and matches the requirements and expectations of the customers more than even plastic and other artificial substances. However, the three main environmental advantages of wood have been highlighted below:


Wood is one of those natural raw materials that refrain from consuming too much-embodied energy right from harvest to disposal. As a result, it helps conserve energy indirectly and benefits the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. They also store carbon from the CO2 absorbed by the parent trees, thus cleansing the environment a bit.


By taking wood from nature, you are not depleting it of its resources. On the contrary, some trees like bamboo grow faster than others, producing enough wood to meet our day-to-day needs. In the cases of hardwood, well, the products last for years at a stretch, thus reducing the need to get a fresh supply now and then. Wood is also bio-degradable, and hence do not burden Mother Earth with too much waste. Last but not least, you can recycle wood materials numerous times before disposing of them.


While synthetic materials need to be refined with paint and other chemicals, wood’s natural, the rustic look is most in demand. As a result, they reduce the use of paints and stains that have detrimental effects on the environment and our health. No wonder pure wood furniture and other small items are so costly!



Undoubtedly, wood furniture is one of the rarest and costliest commercial products in the market. The purer the base wood is, the higher the prices will be. From wardrobes to beds, desks, and dining tables, the aesthetic appeal of wood is unmatched. The value of the wood furniture market stood at $420,8 billion in 2019 in the US alone. It is expected to surge by a CAGR rate of 5.7% in the next five years. So, you can easily guess how popular wood furniture is in the entire world.


Besides furniture, household items like wood utensils are regarded as more elegant and sophisticated than plastic. Its heat-resistance helps wood secure its place in the kitchen more than aluminum, steel, or plastic wares. Even certain decorative items, like photo frames, souvenirs, book racks, and other products are preferred to be composed of wood more than anything else. In the exteriors, wood is required in fencing and garden decorations. Sometimes, homes are also constructed using pure wood to increase their longevity.


Before plastic captured our minds, wood toys were quite popular. Our predecessors enjoyed playing with them. However, the plush toys of the 21st century have replaced wood. But, is it really so? The global wood toy industry is gaining momentum again, because of the sustainability movement. If you want your kids to take part in it, do educate them on the benefits of wood at an early age.

Some other daily accessories can be composed of wood, and rightly so. Let us consider the wireless chargers for Smartphones as an example. These days, you can also find wooden chargers compatible with every handset in the market. If you want to shun plastic, you can opt for wood items to showcase your environmental consciousness among your peers. Even some wooden mobile cases can help enhance the look and feel of your cell phones. But you have to find a reliable store that offers only pure wood materials.


Instead of using up the earth’s non-renewable resources of energy, people can switch to wood to derive energy for their daily activities. Wood from even the cheapest of trees can be used for this purpose. From sticks and sawdust to pellets and charcoal, wood-burned energy is quite powerful and also easily available from the forests. In fact, wood was one of the easiest sources of renewable energy a few decades back. If we can start using wood to derive energy again, a large amount of non-renewable sources of fuel can be preserved.


Wood also plays a significant role in the cultural sector. Wood-carved souvenirs are quite common these days, as most people are realizing their importance. These items not only look good but also last longer than their plastic counterparts. No wonder so many travel accommodations use wood to make their mark on the guests’ minds.

Sports equipment, parts of vehicles, stationery, and other items can be composed of wood. As these sectors consume a lot of plastic regularly, replacing it with natural raw material will enhance sustainability. If you think that wood is outdated and ugly, you should conduct a market survey on its popularity. In most places, it will surpass its rival, plastic, with flying grades.


Wood can be used everywhere, in the homes and offices, or outside. If people start practicing the art of sustainability, more opportunities will open for wood and other natural raw materials. Of them, wood will surely be the trendiest one. Take a look at the modern elements that can be composed of wood instead of plastic and similar materials.


If you are looking for pure-wood laptop stands, you can find them easily online. Many reliable sellers are using wood to get people rid of their plastic dependence and turn to Mother Nature for their daily requirements. These sustainable manufactures have come up with numerous wood alternatives to our regular stuff, e.g., laptop stands. These can be made of pure wood so that they last for decades.


No matter the beauty of the glass frames, wood has a certain unique appeal. The images look more lively and delightful inside a wooden frame than plastic or glass. Some so many personalized gifts suppliers have recognized the commercial value of wood and utilized it successfully. If you can get your hands on such a reliable online store, you will get numerous chances to showcase your creativity with design suggestions for wooden frames.


A room with a hardwood floor has an entirely different appeal. You may enhance the effect by installing wooden sills on the windows. A kitchen with wooden racks poses a dramatic effect on the entire space without costing you a fortune. However, make sure that the wood is derived from nature and not manufactured in factories. Even beds made of wood tend to last for decades, sometimes centuries.


With each passing day, wooden phone cases are getting popular. These are not only environment-friendly but also sturdier and more durable than their plastic peers. Some companies offering such products go the extra mile to customize the user’s experience and engrave stuff on the back of the cases. You may either ask them to carve out interesting shapes and symbols, or you can get images or quotes engraved on the wooden back to personalize your handset.


Now, these are highly in demand today. Wireless charging is an active phenomenon that is gaining prominence in the Smartphone industry. You can buy wood chargers instead of plastic ones to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the appearance of your work desk. While buying such a charger, make sure that it is compatible with your Smartphone.


Wooden chopping boards are [preferred by culinary experts to cut the raw foodstuff seamlessly. Be it veggies, or the leg of a goat, the wood boards help reduce waste and increase the speed of cooking. Instead of getting a plastic one, you may try cutting veggies on a wooden board once.


Ottocases has a team of wood artisans, who not only earn money by creating art on wood cell phone cases but also enjoy it immensely. At its online store, you will find 800+ readymade designs to opt for. The wooden Smartphone covers manufactured by Ottocases are sturdy, durable, and made of pure wood from Bamboo, Rosewood, Cherry, and the likes. By offering to customize these cases with your suggestions of images, quotes, and sayings, The Ottocases professionals take the art of wood carving to another level. Hence, they support and promote the sustainability move indirectly, if not intentionally. You can either buy these cases for your cell phone, or you may gift it to someone, but Ottocases will make sure that the end person likes the product.

Are you waiting for some invitation to visit the online store of Ottocases? Well, they have a multitude of attractive designs to help you reach a decision faster. If you do not like any of them, you can suggest your own design without any hassle. Let us join hands to kick plastic away from our lives and replace it with wood.

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