The Ultimate Guide to Go Green in Every Aspect of Your Life

The Ultimate Guide to Go Green in Every Aspect of Your Life

Who is mankind’s biggest enemy right now? (After coronavirus, of course)

It is plastic - An enemy that pretends to be a friend. Plastics are dangerous, but we still cannot do without them. Nearly 12.7 million tonnes of plastic pollute our oceans every year, taking the total count to 5 trillion. More than 700 marine animals are affected by plastics, and 87% of sea birds tend to consume them and die. Pieces of plastics are being found in the bodies of sea turtles. As plastics are non-biodegradable, they increase the load on the planet and affect all life forms adversely.

Beverage companies produce over 500 billion plastic bottles, and Starbucks alone produces about 4 billion plastic coffee cups every year. Then again, billions of plastic packaging materials from chips and other consumer products further take the count higher. These are not only harmful to the environment but also our health at large. The plastics come in touch with food materials and enter our bodies, creating several health hazards. For example, the Endocrine-Disruptive Chemicals or EDCs tend to mess with our internal systems and disrupt hormonal balance. Another component, the Bisphenol A or BPA, is present in plastic materials and may even increase the chances of cancerous growth in our bodies. Last but not least, the plastics are produced by using non-renewable fossil fuels that deplete the earth’s natural resources.

Although ocean clean-ups and environmental preservation activities tend to eliminate plastics from the face of the planet, it is not that easy. Many people consider it as a necessary evil. Well, if you ask us, plastics are ‘evil’ all right, but may not be ‘necessary’. To do away with plastics completely, you need to find alternatives to the plastic components that have become an integral part of our lives.

In this exclusive guide, we will explain where you can replace plastic with more sustainable products that do not harm Mother Nature.


Several countries and individual states namely, Maine, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Scotland, Germany, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Australia, etc. have already banned or limited the use of plastic bags. As they are non-biodegradable and harmful to life in general, environmental enthusiasts across the globe advise people against its usage. Now, if you take plastic bags, which have been quite convenient for carrying stuff, away from people, you need to give them something else as a replacement. Paper bags can be an alternative, but they indirectly support deforestation, so it is better not to go for them. Now, jute bags can be an effective alternative to plastic. You may also use cotton bags, eco-friendly bags, made from veggie waste, denim bags, canvas bags, and the list goes on. Sustainable shopping is an ongoing trend that can help you find the best alternatives to single-use plastics.


Your refrigerator is loaded with them. But it is time to get rid of these colorful, innocent-looking but dangerous plastic containers for more effective and environment-friendly solutions. Use simple glass jars or aluminum cans to store food materials and other substances in the refrigerator. Yes, they may not look so attractive, small, and cute, but they will help you contribute to sustainable practices, which is the need of the hour. Stainless steel food containers are the best replacement for plastic ones. They are a tad more expensive but totally worth every penny. You can also opt for food sacks made of recyclable or biodegradable cloth to use a few times before throwing away. These alternatives to plastic containers and zip lock will help maintain your lifestyle without harming the environment.


Eco-friendly clothing is in vogue these days, and they are taking the fashion industry by storm. Reputable brands, like PACT, Alternative Apparel, ThredUP, etc., are coming up with stylish eco-friendly clothing lines for women, while Patagonia and Faherty are some of the ones for men. Also known as ethical fashion, these brands are promoting alternative fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, and more. Being a responsible shopper is a trend on social media as well, as consumers flaunt eco-friendly products with much zeal and excitement these days.

The fashion industry is also trending on rental fashion and upcycling to create awareness of ethical fashion trend. Vegan shoes that are manufactured without harming animals are also doing it big in the market. Accessories like handbags, belts, and other product lines are also introducing eco-friendly materials to change the habits of people. The idea that humans are dependent on nature and that they should not ignore the harm caused by everyday practices is nothing new. Environmentalists have been promoting the idea for a long time. But in recent times, even the common people are actively participating in the move. If you wish to be a part of the change, you can start shopping more responsibly from now on.


The plastic mobile cases are slowly becoming obsolete. Gone are those days when people used to pay a deaf ear to environmental degradation. Because of the widespread awareness of it on social media platforms, people are more conscious of their activities these days. They are deliberately choosing sustainable and recyclable products over plastics and other non-biodegradable ones to reduce their carbon footprint. ‘

One such trend storming the market is the use of sustainable mobile cases. Wood cases are increasing in popularity, and even iPhone users are opting for them. These wood mobile cases are strong and durable, also recyclable, thus meeting the preferences of the users without compromising on their basic requirements. Both the rubber and plastic mobile cases contribute to the planet's non-biodegradable waste and are being rejected by many responsible shoppers. As the wood Smartphone cases are sturdier, more durable, and recyclable, their popularity is surging with each passing day. If you want to contribute to a sustainable move, you can look for custom wood mobile cases for your Android and Apple Smartphones from reliable brands.


Several health experts are forbidding the use of plastic water bottles and asking consumers to throw them away. The compound Bisphenol A present in these bottles poses numerous health risks and even increases the threats of developing cancer. However, when you throw these bottles away after using them for once, you are again contributing to the widespread landfill pollution. What to do then?

Go for more sustainable options - Stainless steel and glass bottles.

These eco-friendly bottles do not harm your health in any way and can be recycled multiple times before disposing of them. You can also use them for a long time, unlike the plastic bottles that need to be thrown away after using once or twice. You can get a variety of designer bottles in the market to appease your taste and preferences.

From coffee mugs to menstrual pads, everything can be replaced by more sustainable options. All we need to do is, be a little more responsible and control our urges to buy whatever is there in front of us. We need to research the eco-friendlier option, be environmentally conscious, and adopt habits that do not harm life or nature at large. Already the world is reeling from the wounds of increasing pollution. If this is not the right time to bring about a change in consumer habits, then when?


Otto Cases is a sustainable brand, offering designer wood mobile cases for a wide range of Smartphones. You can also customize these cases with engravings, business logos, quotes, and pictures to add a personal touch to your phone. The company uses pure wood from Bamboo, Cherry, and Rosewood to replace plastic cases and coverings. They also go the extra mile to offer wood wireless chargers for Android and iPhone to reduce the use of plastic further.

You can check out their extensive collection at the online store to take a pick. Let us join hands to say goodbye to plastics once and for all.

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