iPhone 12 – Apple’s Futuristic Model iPhone 12 Concept, Specifications, Features, Rumors and Faqs

iPhone 12 – Apple’s Futuristic Model iPhone 12 Concept, Specifications, Features, Rumors and Faqs

Good news for the gadget geeks – the new iPhone 12 is ready to make its mark probably in October 2020!

Although Apple did announce before that the release of its magnificent new handsets has been delayed, some accidental leaks give out quite a lot of information. Most of the time, the company releases its flagship models in early September, but this year, they went on with the release of iPads and Apple watches on the September-15 event but didn’t say anything about their new 5G iPhone 12 series. One of the reasons for this delay is the COVID-19 for sure, as the suppliers in China have either shut shops or are working limitedly, and the Apple retail stores in the US are also reopening slowly. Under these circumstances, speculations about the new Apple iPhone 12 series are ripe in the market, with the industry experts expecting them to get launched by mid-October.

Previously, the iPhone 12 series was going to be called iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. But the current rumors suggest that the basic model will be called iPhone Mini, and iPhone 12 Max will be called just iPhone 12.

These will be the phones of the future with 5G connectivity and take a step up from the iPhone 11 series. Apple is also said to have altered the design of the new iPhone, by taking a little inspiration from some of the old models, like the iPhone 4. No matter when the iPhone 12 release is, we are going to see some drastic changes in these futuristic handsets.

Let’s dig deeper to gain as much information about the iPhone 12 as possible for the moment.


There have been rumors of Apple holding the iPhone 12 launch event on 13th October, and the release set for the 23rd. Pre-orders are supposedly going to begin from October 16, according to Appleinsider. The British Telecom CEO has further intensified the rumors with his comment that Apple is gearing for a 5G iPhone launch “in days”. He even said that the company is on its toes to welcome the massive change and become Apple’s main partner in Europe. Another carrier in the Netherlands sent the tip about the launch event without mentioning the details of the same. While the speculations are ripe about the iPhone 12 release date, users are waiting to get some information about how the handsets will be. There’s no doubt that these iPhones will be quite different and more impactful than their peers.


 Four different models of iPhone 12 are going to be available by the end of October, of which, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be in high demand. The former will flaunt a 6.1-inches OLED screen, while the latter will give a massive OLED display of 6.7-inches. With all the models featuring 5G connectivity, Apple is going to be the last one to join the 5G bandwagon of Samsung, OnePlus, and LG. The basic iPhone 12, however, will have a smaller screen of 5.4 inches.

Coming to the speculated design, the iPhone 12 leaks reveal that Apple has again crashed its iPhone 11 design (like it does every 3-years) to build a robust new iPhone 12 inspired from the much-loved iPhone 4 series. According to Bloomberg, the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will have flat, sharpened edges instead of curved ones, as well as rounded corners and flat screens, unlike the sloping edges of the iPhone 11. This new design, however, seems to be a straightaway inspiration from the iPhone 5 and the iPad Pro. The iPhone 12 design may also feature a thinner and flatter range than its immediate predecessors. The Pro max model is supposedly going to feature a 7.4 mm thickness. While the new iPhone 12 and 12 Max will have aluminum frames, according to the rumors, iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will have stainless steel ones. 

There may have been new colors introduced as well, e.g., a dark blue version. However, it’s still unclear if all the models will have this color or just the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max versions. The basic pastel shades of Yellow, Purple, Black, Green White, and Red may remain in the standard models. A navy-blue shade may replace the Midnight-Green one that iPhone 11 series feature. Although not much information is available on the iPhone 12 colors, speculations are ripe that the dark blue shade is going to be the most in-demand.

Another leak shows that the new LiDAR sensor at the back panel will line up with the right-hand camera lens and flash, next to the camera hole. The frames are also going to be new, and the angles sharper with the Face ID sensors a little smaller than the iPhone 11, according to the recent leaks.


Before we get down to the details of the new iPhone 12 features, it should be mentioned that the series will probably use a 5-nanometer A14 bionic chipset, just like the iPad Air 2020. These iPhones will have higher power-efficiency than their predecessors because of the new processor featuring a 6-core insider and 16-core Neural Engine, almost double the speed of the previous models. However, it’s not clear how the new models will feature this power-efficiency, and whether they will increase video-streaming speed or enhance battery efficiency. There will also be an up-scaling on the RAM, as the iPhone 12 Pro and the Pro Max models will supposedly flaunt a 6GB RAM, while their predecessors were happy with the 4GB version. But the standard model, i.e., the iPhone 12 basic model will continue with the 4GB RAM. Another interesting feature is the new 802.11ay specification, which will increase the speed of sharing content by leaps and bounds.

Coming to the storage and battery, the latest iPhone 12 rumors suggest that the iPhone 12 and 12 Max will come with 128 GB and 256 GB respectively, while the Pro and Pro Max models will feature both and an additional 512 GB option. Further, the iPhone 12 may come with a 2227 mAh battery, the Max and 12 Pro may get a 2775 mAh battery, while the Pro Max version may feature a massive 3687 mAh battery, according to the rumors. If these leaks are true, the users may not be that happy, as the iPhone 11 series have stronger batteries – 3110 mAh, 3046 mAh, and 3969 mAh to be precise.

It will be interesting to see if the larger screens in the iPhone 12 models make up for the battery expectations. To add some fuel to the fire, the Apple iPhone 12 may have also used a cheaper battery board than the iPhone 11, as the rumors suggest. However, there’s no reason to be disappointed yet, as the A14 chipset may surpass the lower sizes of the batteries, as it’s going to make these brand new iPhones quite power-efficient. Wireless charging will be continued with these flagship models of Apple, and some rumors also suggest that these iPhones will have magnets to get lined up easily with the chargers. Let’s now come to the speculations about the new iPhone 12 USB-C port, as many are expecting it to feature the same. However, as per the rumors, the new series will continue featuring the Lightning cable, while the next model may make the switch. It is because a recent announcement by the European Union revealed that the future models will not be allowed to use the Lightning cable, which may push Apple to design portless models in the future. If this is going to happen soon, or in the iPhone 12 series itself, the speculations are still unclear. No matter what the result, the iPhone 12 is going to come with a fast-charge experience for sure.

Lastly, although many users are expecting the iPhone 12 to be 100% waterproof, the handsets are supposedly going to continue the water-resistance feature exhibited by the iPhone 11 series. It means that they won’t be entirely resistant to water but will tolerate it to some extent, because of their IP68 water and dust resistance rating.

Are we forgetting something?

Oh yes, the camera!


The iPhone 12 leaks also say a lot about the new developments in the camera of each device. For example, there may be a LiDAR scanner like that of the iPad Pro 2020. However, only the advanced devices, i.e., the iPhone 12 Pro and Max Pro will have it along with three lenses but the standard models (iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max) will have two lenses and no LiDAR scanner. There may also be four rear lenses on the iPhone 12 Pro, according to some sketches.

These flagship iPhone models may also flaunt a 64MP main camera, which is a big upgrade from their previous versions. They will also have multiple lenses and ultra-wide snappers to enhance the night-mode shooting experience in the macro mode. Further, the Smart HDR functionality of the iPhone Pro model, along with its 3x optical zoom feature, will improve low-light performance to a great extent.

The iPhone 12 camera may also feature an enhanced sensor-shift on the iPhone 12 Pro Max to improve image stabilization. It will enable the sensor to move swiftly to minimize the camera-shake.

The front-facing camera will feature new developments too. Speculations are on about the ToF (Time of Flight) sensor that will probably replace the depth sensor in the front. It will improve the face ID experience and also enhance air gestures, as we have seen in the Google Pixel 4 and LG G8.


Although most of the information that we are getting about the new flagship models of Apple is based on rumors, a comparison can be drawn to understand what improvements we may expect from the range.

iPhone 11 iPhone 12
Size Entry-level model: 6.1 inches

Advanced: 5.8 inches and 6.7 inches

Entry-level models: 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches

Advanced: 6.1 and 6.7 inches

Price Starting $699 Entry-level: Starting $649 (speculated)

Advanced: Starting $749 (speculated)

  1. Rounded edges
  2. 8.1 mm thickness
  3. Dominant color – Midnight Green
  1. Sharpened edges
  2. 7.4 mm thickness
  3. Dominant color – Dark blue or Navy Blue (speculated)
Display Features LCD screen Will feature OLED display
  1. A13 Bionic processor
  2. 4GB RAM
  1. Probably an A14 Bionic processor
  2. 4GB for entry-level models and 6GB for iPhone Pro and Pro Max
  1. Next-Gen Smart HDR
  2. Telephoto Zoom
  3. Standard-wide and ultra-wide lens
  1. Two lenses for entry-level models
  2. Three lenses and LiDAR scanner for the advanced ones
  3. Smart HDR with ultra-wide lens
Connectivity 4G LTE for all devices 5G for all devices



According to the rumors, the iPhone 12 may be launched on 13th October and released on 23rd October.


The entry-level models, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max will have 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches display respectively. The iPhone Pro and Pro Max will have 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches display. Further, all the models will be thinner than their predecessors with sharper edges. Lastly, the entry-level phones will be available in the general pastel shades, while the Pro and pro max devices may come in newer and bolder shades, like Navy-Blue or Dark-Blue.


Although the iPhone 12 prices are yet to be announced, speculations are on that the costs of the entry-level models will start from $649, and the advanced ones from $749.


 If you are looking for a slimmer, more compact iPhone with a larger display and enhanced power efficiency, you should wait for the new series. Further, if you have been in love with the initial devices, like iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, then you should definitely wait. Lastly, if you are looking forward to 5G connectivity, waiting will reap you benefits for sure. 


Yes, all devices of the iPhone 12 are said to feature 5G connectivity.


Most of the iPhone users have been eagerly waiting for advanced design, features, and of course, 5G internet connectivity and high-speed content-sharing feature. The iPhone 12 is supposedly going to meet all these expectations. These apart, the devices will also be trendier with higher power-efficiency and better cameras for shooting under low light, or in the night mode. So, if you have been planning to buy an iPhone, you should wait for a month to see if the rumors are true.

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