How to Make Your Mobile Phone Depict Your Personality?

How to Make Your Mobile Phone Depict Your Personality?

Cell phones are as much a communicative device as a style statement. Like attires, they say a lot about your style and personality. Even the way you use the gadget depicts your personality. These days, we use our cell phones more for recreation than communication. It has all the gadgets and accessories that we used to carry with us a decade ago. Even some of the domestic accessories, like clocks, calendars, memos, and diaries have been enclosed inside this handheld device. Hence, there is no denying that this gadget has a lot to say about a person besides his/her regular habits. Plus, the way you style your phone, the accessories you use, like headsets, phone cases, and even chargers, can reveal your habits and personality traits.

You do not believe it?

Take the example of AirPods. If you find someone carrying an Apple AirPods, you can assume that the person is rich. Then, if the color of the AirPods is black or white, you can say that the person has a thing for minimalism and does not pay much heed to what others think of him/her. Then again, if you find someone carrying wired headphones, you may assume that the person is not much tech-savvy and may have a conventional style sense. Leave AirPods, if you see someone with an exquisite phone case with glitters or superhero batches, you can assume that the person is an extrovert, as he wants to let the world see his likes, dislikes, and preferences. Now, if you find a person carrying a stylish wood phone case, you can assume that s/he has a thing for sustainable products. Ait will not be wrong to assume that s/he is an environment lover. Yes, now you do believe that the cell phone has a queer way of depicting your personality?

Let us talk about more such interesting observations to understand how the cell phone depicts our personality. It will help us make our phones depict our personality and style voluntarily. That is if you wish to show off, of course.


We tend to treat our cell phones as our children. We dress them up, decorate them with cases and stickers and leave no stone unturned to make them look and feel attractive. Well, not everyone has the same sense of style, and observing one’s cell phone is an effective way to get an idea about the same. In other words, the way you dress your phones up says a lot about your style preferences, social image, and behavioral patterns. Scroll on!


Most of the devices available in the market come in different tones and shades. For example, every iPhone model has several color options, starting from white to grey and dark blue. You may even get iPhones in bolder tones, like red or purple. Now, if someone carries an iPhone with a red back, you may say that the person has an experimental sense of fashion and does not shy away from trying anything new. S/he may also have a queer way of attracting attention. If someone carries a cell phone in dark or ocean blue, you may say that s/he has a sophisticated sense of style and likes to stay trendy without exceeding the basic line of comfort. Black white phones are for the users who are care-free and have a casual fashion sense. On the other hand, the color white depicts a strong personality and is probably preferred by someone who likes to keep things clean at all times.


The cell phones come with lots of accessories, like headsets, AirPods, phone cases, Bluetooth speakers, phone stands, wireless chargers , additional lenses, tripods, selfie sticks, and so on. We do not need all of them, but tech-savvy users tend to have a thing for buying phone accessories. The types and number of accessories that one carries can thus say a lot about the person.

For example, if someone carries additional lends, selfie sticks and portable chargers everywhere s/he goes, you can say that the person is an avid traveler, or probably, a photographer. If s/he carries a tripod stand too, your assumptions will prove to be true. Then again, if a person has more than one headset and of different types, you may assume that s/he has a thing for music or is a binge-watcher.

Too many tangled cables suggest that the person may not be updated with the latest tech trends. And everything wireless suggests that the user is completely tech-savvy and also quite conscious about his/her social image. More than one portable charger depicts a busy personality. S/he may be on the phone throughout the day. Too many SD card boxes suggest that the person does all his/her work on the phone.


Whether our cell phone is new or years old, the phone cases keep them protected. If you find someone without one, you may assume that the cell phone does not hold too much importance for him/her. It can also be that the person is too careful to drop the phone accidentally, and hence, s/he does not need the phone cases. A word of caution- it is best to case up your phone, as accidents may happen to anyone and at any time, regardless of how careful the person is. Now, coming to the type of phone cases, there are numerous types of cases, each depicting the personality of the user. Not only the images or graphics printed on the back, but the material of the cases also tells a lot about someone.

For example, if you find someone with a plastic phone case, you may assume that s/he is not aware or does not care about sustainability or green consumerism. On the other hand, a wood mobile case depicts a strong, aware, and informed person, who understands the environmental consequences of simple habits. While this is not to demean anyone or their choices, the wood phone cases are also sturdier than most other materials, thus offering enhanced protection to your cell phones.

You may also find people with custom phone cases . These people depict a happy-go-lucky personality and love to show off their preferences in style. If you see personal photos printed on the back of the cases, you may assume that the person is transparent and quite an extrovert. Likewise, the introverts, even if they carry custom phone cases may not have their personal images on the back. They may go for interesting quotes, unique graphics, or meaningful images. Now, you may also find people with business logos printed at the back of a wooden phone case. Such a person is either a marketing professional, who is always out branding or works in a company that gives such corporate gifts on special occasions.


Now that you know that the cell phone cases help reveal a lot about your personality, you can exploit this chance to create an individual social image. Let us give you some tips regarding that:

  • Do not be random - While buying phone cases, do not choose randomly. If you get the option to customize the case, do it. Nothing depicts your personality better than the custom phone cases that you choose to design. Go for interesting art forms, graphics, quotes, or pictures, whatever seems convenient.
  • Choose the color of the case - The next thing to consider is the color of the case. It should match your phone’s color to prevent looking out of place. If you wish to go neutral, you may try black or transparent covers.
  • Pick a sturdy material - You should not forget that the phone cases will protect your phone besides enhancing its aesthetics. So choose the sturdiest of all materials to offer maximum protection. You can opt for wood phone cases, as those are not only neutral but also depict the eco-friendly side of your personality. A brilliant social image to carry that is!
  • Check the comfort level - If the phone case is slippery, it is dangerous, as the chances of accidental falls increase. This apart, the case should also be easier to hold and manage, fit in your pocket or purse, wherever you choose to carry your cell phone. Check all these factors while buying the phone case. If you are seen fidgeting with your mobile phone constantly, it will not give out a positive impression.


At Ottocases, we offer custom wood phone cases of myriad styles and patterns. Our cases are sturdy and ultra-protective, each surviving a 26-feet fall test. These are made of natural wood from Bamboo, Cherry, Rosewood, etc. But the most interesting thing is, we offer to customize each phone case, be it Android or iPhone, with images, quotes, graphics, and you name it.

Either you may choose from our 800+ readymade designs to go with your personality, or you can give you suggestions. Our artistic team will make the case keeping your ideas and preferences in mind. We also ensure that the phone case matches your cell phone size and shape accurately. Explore our designs and see if you like any. Otherwise, we have already given you the option to customize the case according to your preferences.

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