16 Valentine’s Gift Ideas to Please Your Beloved this Year

16 Valentine’s Gift Ideas to Please Your Beloved this Year

The last year was a disaster for all of us, but this year can be different. Hope has arrived in the form of vaccines, and people are getting ready to celebrate the festivities with a new zeal. As Valentine’s Day is nearing, couples are planning to give all sorts of surprises to their partners. Although the restrictions are still in place, people are hopeful that they will spend this Valentine's in a better, and more enjoyable manner.

However, no Valentine’s is complete without that perfect gift. While flowers, souvenirs, and jewelry never fail to amaze, let us expand our gifting possibilities to include unconventional but personalized items. If you know your partner well, choosing one from the following list of customized gifts will be a cakewalk for you. Scroll on then!


If your partner has a thing for outdoor activities, like camping, mountaineering, or hiking, sandalwood watches can be the best gift for him. Sophisticated, branded timepieces are meant for formal events or official gatherings. Damages or scratches are common if one goes camping with them. You need to get them something that they can wear outdoors. Customized sandalwood watches are quite in vogue, so get one for your beloved today. You may also engrave custom messages at the back of the dial to increase its appeal.


Are you into art and crafts? If you like to make things on your own, create a jewelry box for your beloved. You can carve it out of wood or any other material that stands the test of time. Design the box according to her likes and preferences, and do not forget to add a custom message. Make it spacious and useful to keep all her precious items in one place. She will love it for sure!


Now, this trend has been going on for a while and is quite a hit too. You can name a star in your beloved’s name and certify it with your love. Your partner will get the exact location information of the star carved on a beautiful gift card. It will be the best Valentine gift for your partner, who will love to have a star in her name. Can anything be more romantic? If you think that naming a star is too simple an approach, opt for personalized constellation mapping, where you will be given a location in the constellation to go on a virtual date with your partner.


Social media has brought our celebrity idols closer, increasing the chances of interaction through profile comments or live videos. You can get your partner’s favorite star to wish them on this Valentine’s. It is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is keep track of the celebrity’s online timings or find them on interactive platforms, like Cameo. You can then send them a private message with a request to wish your partner. If that does not work, you can comment on their latest picture or video, asking them to tag your partner and write a personalized message.


Does your partner love coffee but lack the time to make one every day? You can buy him/her a self-stirrer coffee mug to reduce the hassles of stirring. It will fit well in the packed schedule of your partner who will love you for the thoughtful gift. You can either get readymade coffee mugs online, or you can customize them with a special message or quote in some specific stores. Gift a bag to carry the mug, in case they get late for office.


Does your partner have a thing for traveling? Nothing can be better if you can gift them travel kits of different sizes and purposes, like packing medicines, toiletries, shaving kits, makeup, cosmetics, and so on. You can get these at any online store at pocket-friendly rates. If you have a higher budget, buy them a rucksack, backpack, or a spacious sling bag to carry essential items on the flight. As the bigger luggage is carried elsewhere, moderately-sized sling bags are best for traveling.


If your lover likes to binge-watch movies every weekend with a plate of cheese and a glass of wine, the customized cheese board can be a precious gift item for them. The decorated wood and marble board will feature their initial, adding a personal touch to their weekend binge-watching sessions. Add a pair of wine glasses and a cheese cutter to the gift box to complete Valentine’s effect. Gifting such personalized practical items reveals your thoughtfulness and is also a silent acknowledgment of your partner’s lifestyle.


The pandemic has been hard on all of us, but for some, it has been harder and more intolerable. If your partner had a terrible time last year, leading to mental health issues like depression, you can show your support by giving them some self-love books. These inspirational books may have quotes, stories, or excerpts from the lives of famous personalities who have battled depression and other mental health issues. You may think that a jewelry item is better than such brooding gifts, but trust us, your partner will think otherwise. It will reveal your unconditional love and acceptance of their issues, thus enhancing your bond. After all, only the sufferer knows what suffering is! All you can do is extend your support to minimize the suffering.


Our Smartphones are no longer a gadget but an essential part of our lifestyle. We keep buying accessories to decorate them and make them look more appealing. You can take the trend ahead by ordering custom wood phone cases for your beloved this Valentine. While wood phone cases are sturdier and more environment-friendly than silicon or other artificial materials, they also act as a status symbol. You may carve a message, quote, or engrave a picture on the back of the case to make it stand out. Ah! And do not forget to know the exact model of your partner’s phone so that the case fits perfectly.


So, your beloved is a writer and keeps a journal? Well, nothing can please them better if you can gift a leather-covered journal that they can carry always. You can write a special note on the first page of the journal to make it even more memorable. Buy a gift box and order a customized pen with your lover’s initials to go along with the journal. It will be the best gift of his/her life for sure. Do you want to make it bigger? Buy some decorated letterheads, writing pads, and sticky notes that they can use regularly.


It is not to promote drinking or anything, but if your guy likes to carry his drinks, you can gift him a decorative flask, readymade or custom-designed. You can decide the size of the flask to reduce his drinking habits too. Alcohol is hard to quit at once, but the flask will carry a lesser amount of drink, helping your partner quit slowly.


So your partner is an Avenger’s fan? Well, the best Valentine’s gift for him maybe a Tee with the emblem of his favorite superhero. You can enhance the effect by buying Avenger’s souvenirs that you can get from any online store. It will delight him and make him feel loved and cherished at the same time. Put it all in a superhero bag and surprise him on the 14th.


Now, if you want to do it big, go for a chessboard coffee table or any other custom coffee tables that reflect your partner’s hobbies or interests. If he is a baseball fan, you can customize the table accordingly, while if she is a soccer fan, well, you know what to do. It will be a token of acknowledgment for your partner’s passion and will touch him to the core.


Now, it is too late to knit an entire sweater for your partner, but you can always put his initial at a corner to add your personal touch. Just knit a red flower beside it as a symbol of love and affection, and it will be worth the effort. You can make the gift further interesting by hiding your art from the common view and asking your partner to find it on the sweater. A little treasure hunt will kindle the love!


Do you beloved loves painting? You should know that painting kits can be a little on the expensive side. Surprise her with a high-quality painting kit this Valentine, and she will remember it forever. Artists can be quite passionate, romantic, and emotional, and such personal gifts make a place in their hearts. However, make sure you research the best painting kits in the market before buying anything at random.


Wireless chargers are in demand these days, mainly because of the hassle-free and tangle-free experience that they provide. You can buy a wood wireless charger for your partner, who is a vegan by heart. A vegan is essentially an environmentalist, and this gesture will be appreciated by your partner for sure. She will never be this happy if you gift something more materialistic and artificial in her eyes, not to mention harmful to the ecosystem.


So, did you make up your mind on what to buy this Valentine’s Day? If you are out of ideas, we can help you to get some. Our team of artists can carve exclusive designs on the back of each case to personalize them according to your preferences. We also have 800+ readymade designs, all beautiful and unique. The phone cases are made of natural wood, mostly from Rosewood, Bamboo, Cherry, and Walnut, and pass a 26-feet fall test to determine strength and sturdiness. The cases can also raise one’s status in society. Take a look at our collection, and you will know what we mean! 

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