10 Unique and Affordable Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season

10 Unique and Affordable Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season

It has been turmoil this year. But the pandemic could not kill our holiday spirits, or so do many people believe. Lives have changed, and so did lifestyles. But it could not change the way we feel about our loved ones. In many ways, our bonds have strengthened, and we somehow value the people in our lives now more than ever. We may not get out on the streets to celebrate the holiday season, but we can always make our loved ones feel special.

What’s a better way to do that than sending them gifts?

Gifts are something that not only enhances moods and uplifts spirits but also shows that we care. We care for our loved ones and acknowledge their existence in our lives. With personalized gifts, we tend to express our love and gratitude for the people we hold closest to our hearts. And no one, not even the Covid-19 pandemic can take that away!

This holiday season, let us send our love through unique, personalized gifts that enhance the holiday spirit and unite us in a way never seen or experienced before.

Here are ten unique and affordable gift ideas to turn the holiday season 2020 into a memorable one, despite all negativities:


Demand for organic food has surged in the pandemic, as people realized their health significance of late. In the spring of 2020, the US organic food sales jumped  20% from their pre-COVID levels. Organic milk and eggs were leading the trend, followed by frozen organic food. The organic fruit and vegetable market was valued at $18 billion in 2019. This year it has grown further, the primary customers being millennials and generation Z.

You can utilize this trend to create an organic food basket for your loved ones. Choose the types of foods they like or prefer to have and customize the basket accordingly. You may include fresh organic produces, like fruits, seeds, vegetables, packaged food, bakery, and organic chocolates. If your loved ones have culinary hobbies, you may send them condiments and organic ingredients to taste their dishes a notch up.


Do you have a passion for stitching, embroidering, or crafting? You may design cushion covers for your loved ones this holiday season. Purchase plain covers online and create embroideries on them according to the receiver’s taste and preferences. You may even ask them about their choices without revealing your intentions. There’s little doubt that they will love your gift, especially if they are into home decor and related activities. While cushion covers bought from the market may be of better quality, handmade customized covers have something that ready-made ones lack in - love! When you take the time to design covers for your loved ones, every thread will emanate your feelings.


It is the season of chocolates, cakes and all kinds of delicacies, so be it. If your loved one is a die-hard foodie and chocolates are of his/her favorites, they can be the best gift for the occasion. You can either make truffles or filled chocolates, depending on what you do best. If baking is your thing, and you find delight in it, make it a point to share your delight with your loved ones by sending over a box. Attach a personal note to it to enhance the experience.


So your loved one is an avid traveler! Well, you need to gift them something that helps in their long adventures. How about personalized passport holders? Not only do they look chic and trendy, but they also add a personal touch to the entire experience. And they are best to show off! You can get numerous online stores to customize the passport cover for your special one. From initials and travel quotes to image engravings, see what makes the gift appeal to the eyes more.


If someone has a habit of reading, this may be the best time to gift them some books by their favorite authors. If nothing else, it will keep them home without any feeling of loneliness. Hence, by sending them engaging books, you may also save their lives.

The challenge is to find books of their choice and not yours. Every reader has a definite taste for books, and you need to find what your loved ones’ is. There is no point in enforcing your preferences on them, as the books may lie around, gathering dust then. Do one thing. Just engage in a casual conversation about books and ask them what they have read lately. Try to get an idea of their preferences from such conversations and note your observations down. You can then order books of a similar category or the same author to surprise your loved ones.


While sending personalized gifts to your special ones, you may also be reviving an old hobby without intending it. For example, if you plan to gift knitted caps, you can revive your old knitting habit and knit them yourself. It will be much better than buying ready-made caps from the market. It does not matter how good you are at knitting, as long as you are putting your heart and soul into the work. Your loved ones will be moved by your gesture and not the quality of the gift. So, yes, handmade knitted caps are in! If the time permits, you may even knit a scarf with it. So what you send the gifts a little late? The entire season is there!


It is a gift meant for women mostly. The cold season takes a toll on their skin, and you can offer a remedy for that. Buy an organic skincare kit online or make your own. You can buy individual products and pack them together to send to your special someone with a handwritten note. From normal winter care lotions to makeup, you can include anything in the kit. However, there’s a glitch. Not all skin care product suits everyone. You need to have a prior idea of the receiver’s skin type, and allergies if any. Ask casually about what beauty products they are using or prefer to use this winter. You may even ask them for suggestions on beauty care regimes to get an idea about the preferences. If these do not help, drop the plan, and go for something else.


It is a trendy, universal gift that you can give anyone if you know their phone’s model and size specifications. The customized mobile cases, like passport holders, can be engraved with images, quotes, sayings, or something else to add a personal touch to the product. You can even engrave the receiver’s picture on the back of the cover. Anything is possible, as long as you are choosing the right craftsman. You will get many such services online. But it is best to go through the reviews and customer testimonials before ordering.

A note: For environmental concerns, it is best to choose eco-friendly mobile covers, like those of wood, to reduce plastic pollution. They are both sturdy and stylish, not to mention easier to hold. From protection to aesthetics, few other materials are as reliable as natural wood.


Again you can make this stuff at home without much expenditure. All you need are soy wax, essential oils (for the aroma), wicks, and a pretty jar. For essential oils, it is safe to choose lavender, eucalyptus, or grapefruit, as these are less invasive than the others. If you do not want to use soy wax, you can go for paraffin or Beeswax too. For the container, you can opt for anything that is heat-resistant, like coffee mugs, thick glassware, or mason jars. Follow a tutorial and practice making a few candles before you get your hands on the gift item.


The lockdown has awakened the fitness spirit in many of us. As a result, athleisure brands are having a gala time. If your loved ones work out regularly, you can gift them a set of athleisure wear as a token of encouragement. However, make sure that you know their size and body measurements, as these outfits need to fit right for maximum comfort and convenience.


Ottocases is an online store that offers customized smartphone cases for both Android and iPhones. You can also find trendy wooden wireless chargers here. Coming to the phone covers, you may engrave any image, quote, or brand logo at the back to serve as the perfect gift. The covers are made of pure and natural wood from Rosewood, Cherry, and Bamboo. They are sturdy and go through a 26-feet fall test before being added to the list. If you do not plan to customize the covers, you can choose from the 800+ ready-made designs that are no less appealing or insignificant.

So what gift are you planning to send to your loved one this holiday season?

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