How durable is OTTO CASE?

OTTO CASE patent pending design provides the maximum protection for your phone. It is 26 feet drop tested and phone is survived with enhanced protection. OTTO CASE not only protects your phone's back side, high edges on the front side also gives full protection to your phones in terms of durability.

Can I customize my case with OTTO?

Definitely. If you want to go beyond our catalog and design your case to give it a personal touch. Simply look for the CUSTOM CASE menu option, there you can upload your photo/image/artwork or you can design it yourself. If you find it difficult, please email us your request. Our friendly team will make your idea come to life on your case.

Do you have warranty with OTTO CASE?

Yes, OTTO CASE offers LIFETIME WARRANTY.  In case your case brakes or it is manufacture defected, please let us know as soon as you can. We will swap your case with a new one under terms and conditions. You will be guided once you contact us via email or phone. Warranty does not cover peeling of color printing on cases and peeling on coating for black and white cases. Since coating and color printing is processed through chemical ink and dye, it may be peeled off by the time depending on usage. In that case, you can renew your original case by sending it back to us. Our support team will guide you with your renewal request.

There is a space inside the case upper left corner. What is that for?

This space was designed as SIM CARD and PIN compartment. If you have a second SIM CARD, use this compartment to keep it safe and not lose it. Travelers who go abroad and get a local carrier's line enjoy this feature the most. You can simply place your SIM CARD and PIN into dedicated slots and then snap your phone into your OTTO CASE.

Does OTTO CASE have a magnetic feature?

All OTTO CASES have a built-in magnet in the center. If you have a magnetic phone holder in your car or magnetic stand on your desk, your OTTO CASE attaches on the magnet by itself. No need to stick an external magnet plate on your phone or case. Enjoy the hands-free feature of your phone with style!

Can I use wireless charger with OTTO CASE?

Yes, you can. OTTO CASE has a unique design that enables you to charge your phone wirelessly without taking off the case. It is tested for most of the major wireless chargers and succeeded without losing magnetic power. Unless, you increase the space between OTTO CASE and wireless charger, you are good to go.